At Integrated Leadership Concepts, Inc., we’re vitally committed to one thing: Providing strategic programs that enable each individual to learn and practice leadership skills.

We believe that we can teach leadership skills in a practical, well-designed format that allows participants, regardless of their level of leadership, to be able to assume a greater role of responsibility.

Corporate Values

At the heart of ILC are several core values that we believe in strongly:
  • Commitment to our customers is vital. Through commitment, our customers realize extraordinary service at a competitive price.
  • Respect for our customers and each other creates a positive learning environment. We respect every person and believe that this environment is necessary for each one to achieve the highest potential.
  • Community is valuable. Organizations depend on their leaders, and no organization can stand alone on leadership. We achieve success through the collective efforts of all stakeholders.
  • Diversity helps us succeed together. We need different perspectives, different viewpoints and different opinions. We can embrace our differences and by doing so forge a new path.