Church Leadership Series©

Leading in a local church requires skills not unlike those needed to lead in a business environment. Often leadership roles in churches are filled by a combination of paid staff and volunteers. The Church Leadership Seriesã provides a forum that encourages church leadership discussions through a Biblically-based workshop format. 

We work with you to understand the church’s vision, goals and objectives. Then we customize and deliver workshops that provide the platform and supportive environment for learning the skills needed in your church.

We deliver a blended training program that, based on your needs, could include personal assessments, prerequisites to prepare participants for workshops, in-person workshops, personal growth plans, post-training assessments and reinforcement activities.  We use realistic scenarios, developed with you, as a foundation for discussion in a highly interactive, learning environment.

Sample Workshops

Some of the workshops ILC has developed and delivered include:

  • No Blind Leaders©– Based on the Biblical foundation for leadership found in the book of Timothy, participants determine how to align their leadership behaviors with the pastor’s vision for the church. Utilizing a scenario-based discussion, customized for the church’s unique challenges, participants explore tools and techniques for effective leadership.
  • Behaviors Befitting the Spirit-Filled Leader© – In this facilitated workshop, participants discuss behaviors that are appropriate for Christian leaders and use a self-assessment instrument to determine areas for their personal growth. Participants are introduced to tools for transforming behaviors and practice, using these tools during the workshop to address their current leadership challenges.  
  • Controlling the Human Element© – Using a personality styles instrument, participants determine their dominant personality styles in preparation for recognizing the human element in themselves and others. In this facilitated workshop, participants assess their leadership attributes and are introduced to tools that enable them to control the human element while dealing with problem situations. Scenarios customized for the church’s unique challenges provide a forum for discussion.
  • Called to Change Lives© – This workshop is designed specifically for church teachers to explore their role. As a result of understanding personality traits that impact teacher effectiveness, strategies are discussed and plans implemented to overcome negative personality traits. Participants develop techniques for teaching different age groups, discuss effective teacher preparation methods, and share ideas regarding classroom management.
  • Finding Purpose…My Divine Assignment© – This workshop for all church members incorporates an understanding of the Biblical foundation for discovering one’s purpose. Participants discover their life’s purpose through highlighting their talents, spiritual gifts, personalities and roles in relationship with others. Each participant creates an action plan for personal growth that aligns with his or her purpose, his or her individual ministry, and the church’s vision.
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