Executive Coaching

Certified in the Sherpa Executive Coaching process, ILC instructors have confidence that executive leaders have reached their current position by maximizing their strengths. ILC works with leaders to identify any behavior, which if left unresolved, may hinder further success. Our goal is to invest a full hour each week in a face-to-face session focused on a specific, achievable business behavior

Within a six-phase program are steps that include personal assessments, journaling and 'homework' to keep the coaching process moving between meetings. 
The ILC program is designed around these phases:

  • Phase One: Taking Stock – We gain insight into who you are – the real you.
  • Phase Two: Global View – We look at the important people in your life and how they affect and support you.
  • Phase Three: Destination – We discover your motivation, why people and things affect you the way they do. We explore how you create and communicate expectations.
  • Phase Four: Charting the Course – We work on specific areas that will affect your day-to-day work life. Together we organize and structure goals that fit your needs
  • Phase Five: Agenda – We ensure a plan for success, checking that accountability and attitude are where they need to be.
  • Phase Six: The Summit – We celebrate our success!

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