Every organization needs leaders! Yet each entity grows, develops and focuses on unique capabilities.

We begin by consulting with you to understand the company strategy that drives the business requirements for your leaders, and then we customize a plan based on the leadership competencies and leadership behaviors that fit your organizational goals. We also recommend leadership assessment instruments that will enable leaders to better understand themselves.

Executive Coaching

Leaders who are seeking to maximize their effectiveness engage ILC to deliver business-focused, executive coaching that addresses and develops specific skills to help them:

  • Ignite others!
  • Better align with business goals and philosophy
  • Reach a new leadership plateau
  • Improve results

At ILC we use the Sherpa Executive Coaching method, which has been endorsed by Marshall Goldsmith, author of What Got You Here Won’t Get You There. The Sherpa philosophy provides the foundation for extraordinary growth in leadership development.

Leadership Training

We offer workshops for businesses and nonprofit organizations. Our Executive Suite Spot Series© provides workshops in the business environment for all levels of leaders:  Executive, mid-level, first-time and aspiring leaders. Workshops for nonprofits are customized based on the organization’s unique requirements. Within the nonprofit sector, we provide the Church Leadership Series©, designed specifically for leaders in the local church.