Sales Leaders

It takes a unique set of skills to effectively lead a sales team. In today’s business environment, the focus is shifting from being a manager to becoming a leader. Sales leaders must master both business management and leadership skills. For example, a sales leader must know how to forecast the business and inspire the sellers to achieve their maximum potential. 

At ILC, we recognize that each sales environment has unique characteristics. We therefore begin an engagement by consulting with you to determine your specific objectives. To meet your objectives, we develop a blended training program that includes baseline assessments, prerequisites to prepare for workshops, in-person workshops, post-training assessments and reinforcement activities.  

The ILC program for sales leaders ensures that your company can achieve greater sales success. Why? Because we focus on enhancing the capabilities of very critical assets that position companies to manage and lead.

Executive Leaders

Leaders at the top of the business are responsible for setting the strategy of a company based on a shared vision. They determine the business model that will be implemented to meet the goals of the organization, and they establish the guidelines that determine how the corporate entity will behave. Many times, executives find themselves at a point where they need to re-tool to meet the needs of a changing world. For those instances, ILC provides the Executive Suite Spot Series© , a customized forum where executives can discuss the challenges they face while refining their leadership skills.

At ILC, we recognize that the most effective leaders are those who possess a strong toolbox of different approaches and relational styles coupled with an indepth understanding of members on their teams. We understand that an executive’s strengths are the reason the executive has attained the current position of leadership. Getting to the next level of success requires identifying and addressing areas of need that the executive may have overlooked. In the Executive Suite Spot Series©, we work with a team of executives to enhance leadership capability and provide the foundation for sustained behavioral change in a collaborative, interactive environment, customized to meet your unique requirements.

Mid-level Leaders

At ILC, we understand that it is critical for mid-level managers to focus on creating a work climate that motivates employees to perform at their best. A study completed in 2006 by the Hay Group shows that mid-level leadership development fails when it is:

  • An outdoor, activity-based program
  • A paper-based self-study consisting of various leadership modules
  • Web-based self-study

At ILC, we’re on top of the latest motivational strategies and the methods that produce the best results. In our workshops, we incorporate a combination of best practices in leadership development:

  • Custom-designed program. Your leaders need to be developed in a way that is consistent with your organization’s strategy, objectives and goals. We do not begin a significant development effort until we’ve performed a thorough needs analysis.
  • Leaders need feedback and an individual development plan. We use industry standard tools that provide confidential feedback. Once managers receive this, they can begin their own development plan.
  • Our training is based on action-oriented learning. We encourage participants to apply what they are learning to real problems they are trying to solve or to real opportunities awaiting them.
  • We encourage goals that are measurable. Leaders need to see the impact of their decisions on individual and team performance.

It is critical for mid-level leaders to understand strategic planning and to understand the overall goals of the organization; without this vision, these leaders cannot progress to the next level. Therefore, we work with each company to ensure our workshops integrate your firm’s plans and strategies, and align leader behaviors with those strategies.

Organizations today recognize that these leaders and managers are the ones who will carry forward the organization’s success – or not. If your organization hasn’t yet developed a comprehensive mid-level leadership development program, ILC can assist in planning how best to develop the next generation of leaders within your company.

First-time Leaders

Stepping into a leadership role for the first time is an exciting step; however, without at least some preparation, the experience can be negative.

At ILC, we understand the change in responsibility level. Developing strong managerial skills takes time – especially as first-time leaders adjust to their new positions. We’ll teach the skills necessary for strong leadership and provide necessary tools to ensure an environment that is friendly to learning and development. We focus on the following competencies:

  • Communicating effectively
  • Achieving results through others
  • Leading and working as part of a team
  • Creating a climate for success
  • Translating company strategy into action
  • Planning and organizational effectiveness

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